Planet Eris and the Global Warming

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(lb. engleza) Dr. Cristian Negureanu brings out another of his outstanding works on the global considerations of human existence - this time it treats a subject of great interest today, namely the global warming of the planet. What is remarkable in his study are the links of the subject to the hypotheses of extraterrestrial interventions on Earth, including the origin of humans and the ancient history of the mankind. The author uses ancient writings (the Bible, the Koran, The Book of Enoch, and the Sumerian writings) as sources containing proofs of the extraterrestrial origin of humans and their links to planet Eris, which seems that it was a sort of station for some categories of extraterrestrials. Combining interpretations of the ancient writings (the book contains a great number of them) with the scientific facts regarding planet Eris, the author proves - and many scientists confirm his observations - that this celestial object is the sole cause of what is happening now on Earth with the climate. What is also interesting - and discussed in the book - is that NASA is aware of this information and has already taken some measures of surveillance of this planet through one of its launched space missions. Autor: Cristian Negureanu; PDF; 3MB; 15,2 x 22,9 cm, 132 pag.


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