Euromillions in Naturally Optimized Systems

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"Euromillions in Naturally Optimized Systems" has been developed on the authors' initiative, based on the belief that nothing happens by chance in the Universe because there is a law behind everything, and by the power of wisdom, we can triumph over mere chance. This is a book for players and/or groups of players (syndicates), who want to play to lottery game EUROMILLIONS (France, Spain, UK, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland). It is equally useful to other similar lottery games in the World, such as: POWERBALL (U.S.A.), MEGA MILLIONS (U.S.A.), SUPER LOTTO PLUS (U.S.A.), HOT LOTTO (U.S.A.), WILD CARD2 (U.S.A.), KANSAS SUPER CASH (U.S.A.), MEGABUCKS PLUS (U.S.A.), LOTO/SUPER LOTO (France), ENGLAND THUNDERBALL (UK), EL GORDO (Spain), TURKEY SANS TOPU (Turkey), TZOKER (Greece), JOKER (Romania), SUPER LOTTO (China), INDIA SIKKIM THUNDERBALL (India), POWERBALL (Australia), POWERBALL (South Africa). The book reflects the results of over 19 years of research in the world lottery phenomenon and contains 100 naturally optimized systems, extracted from a selection base of hundreds of billions of systems - built with the help of original mathematic models and tens of thousands of hours of computer processing. This book includes only naturally optimized systems for which the number of played numbers has values between 8 and 50 inclusively. The categories and the winnings will certainly be within the limits of one of the situations specified in the winnings indexes of the system used. All the playing systems selected in the present book are originally and naturally optimized, because the main parameters of the component combinatorial structures have optimal values. Thus, 55 playing systems are at a level of absolute performance, which means that with a smaller number of combinations of the same category it is not possible to get higher winnings indexes. The other 45 playing systems are at the highest level of current performance. Moreover, all the playing systems are highly balanced. Experience in recent years has confirmed the value of the naturally optimized systems included in the book, through the numerous and substantial wins obtained by their help in many countries. Using the naturally optimized systems is a smart strategy for playing the lottery.


☼ Harmony with nature

They are generated in harmony with nature, as they are based on the principles of balance, symmetry and proportion - fundamental principles of the creation, known everywhere in the world for thousands of years, which ensures their durability and high quality.

☼ Optimum performance

They are at a level of absolute performance, or at the highest level of current performance, as the main parameters of their combinatorial structures have optimum values.

☼ Multi-system compatibility

They are useful both to players and to groups of players worldwide, for lottery games of 5, 6, and 7 numbers in simple variant.

☼ Guaranteed wins

They help the lottery players to obtain guaranteed wins, strictly according to the previsions of the winnings indexes.

☼ Accessibility

They are easily accessible, can be understood by any player and their use does not require great effort, the action being made as simple as possible.


Authors: Corneliu Lala, Cornelia Lala; softcover, 6 x 9 inches, 302 pages, ISBN 9789731991214

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