Poze DRAW POKER ODDS: The Mathematics of Classical Poker

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DRAW POKER ODDS: The Mathematics of Classical Poker

Like any variation of poker, draw poker (or classical poker) is also predisposed to probability-based decisions. The author presents the mathematics involved in this card game, with respect to the usage of the numerical results in players’ strategies. The whole presentation is focused on the practical aspect of the application of probability theory in draw poker and all the sections are such structured to allow the direct usage of the numerical results. This is why every section is packed with tables, some of them filling dozens of pages. This is not a math book, even if the supporting mathematics is present thorough, but a guide addressed to poker players, who can skip the math parts at any time and pick the needed results from tables. Want to evaluate the probability of one opponent bluffing? Want to know the probability of at least one opponent holding a card formation higher than yours, at any moment of the game? Want to know the probability of hitting the desired formation if discarding in a certain way? All this information is in the book and is fully mathematically grounded. Authors: Catalin Barboianu, Iustin Budica; softcover, 312 pages, 6 x 9 inches.


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